Every project is unique so we ask our customers to send us the plans or FTP link site. General price ranges for smaller projects can run in the $200-500 range, mid-sized projects can be in the $500-800 range, and large projects $1000+ but this is just a ballpark.
Our pricing is based on a per-project or monthly basis, not hourly based. We are perfect for busy contractors that need an “On-Demand” estimate completed. Mostly contractors bid only a few projects per month and we tend to be more affordable than hiring a full time in-house estimator.
Yes! email to estimates@1stestimator.com to see examples of estimates we’ve done for other clients. You can ask for Developers, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Architects, Residential Projects, Electrical, Drywall and Framing, Painting, and any trade you wish to request.
Our Engineers typically complete a project in two to five days but if a larger & complex jobs comes in so we always check back with our client if there is a rush on the project. If so, then we accommodate them by putting a dedicated team of Engineers onto it with a little more fee to shield the overtime. We always try to submit an estimate a day or two before bid date.
We are a blueprint estimation company so most of our project are based on drawing and specifications, but based on years of experience we are capable of performing assumption based estimates usually for bath and kitchen remodeling and addition estimates.
The combination of technology with our expert estimators enables us to become accurate and competitive on quality that’s why we claim 99% accuracy on our material takeoffs. We never compromise on the quality of work.
You can directly attach the documents in email to info@1stestimator.com or you can forward the invitation to bid at info@1stestimator.com. Also you can share them via your Google Drive link or Dropbox link.
We charge in two terms an upfront requisition of fifty percent at starting and a final requisition of fifty percent before delivering the project. We accept all Visa, Master, Stripe, Payoneer, Paypal and wire transfers.
We have a lot of clients down the line that trusts us from a long time but for a new customer’s satisfaction we provide a NDA that ties us to keep the provided document safe and secure.
If you want to set us up in your system as a registered vendor so we would love to provide you the compliance documents along W-9.
We deliver completed project files to clients that are self-explanatory at the approved proposal cost. No additional service charges will be applied. We also don not charge an extra for updates, changes or addendums.